Chapter 2 - PyCharm Installation on Windows


There are many programming interfaces to choose from. Any will work. We use the PyCharm Community interface in this manual. After installation of Python and the interface, all programs will run the same.

Installing Visual Studio Community 2022 is prerequisite to installing PyCharm Community

Because of package dependencies we must first install Visual Studio Community 2022 by Microsoft. You must sign up for a free Microsoft account. You probably already have one if you have a Hotmail account or use Microsoft Office products.

2.0.1 Before we begin the Visual Studio Community 2022 install we will update the Windows setuptools. Type cmd in the Search box. At the Administrator command prompt in Windows run the following command.

pip install --upgrade setuptools

Upgrade setuptools.

2.0.2 Use Bing to search for vs community 2022 download.

Visual Studio Community 2022 Bing search

2.0.3 Click on free download. In the download box on your computer click Open file. Continue with wizard.

Free VS Community download Check Python development. Intall.

2.0.4 In Visual Studio 2022 click on Create a New Project.

VS 2022 new project

2.0.5 Select Python application.

Select Python application

2.0.6 In Configure your new project window, click Create.

Configure new project window

2.0.7 The Visual Studio console window will open.

Console window for VS Community

2.0.8 Copy and paste the following plotting program into the console. Run the program from the Start button. The plot will appear. If a plotting program works, all programs should work.

# import matplotlib to plot graphs
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
days = [1,3,5,6,8,]
temp = [37,34,37,35,34]
plt.plot(days, temp)

Console window with plotting program

Installation of PyCharm Community on Windows

2.1.1 After the Python and Visual Studio Community installations, we will download PyCharm Community. Search Bing for PyCharm download for Windows 10 and select Download.

Search for pycharm downloads

2.1.2 Scroll down page. Download PyCharm Community Edition.

Download PyCharm Community

2.1.3 Open file in the download box. The installation window will open.

Begin installation

2.1.4 Begin wizard installation. Click Next.

Continue PyCharm install

2.1.5 Check all boxes in this window and continue.

Select all boxes in install window

2.1.6 Click Install.


2.1.7 Reboot computer now.

Reboot Computer

2.1.8 Double click desktop icon for PyCharm.

Click PyCharm icon on desktop Do not input settings.

2.1.9 Select New Project.

Select new project

2.1.10 Check Create a welcome script. Continue.

Check create welcome script

2.10.1 In the console window select the four bars icon. File -> Run -> Run "main". Hi, PyCharm will appear in output section.

2.1.11 IDE for PyCharm main window.

Console window for PyCharm

2.1.12 Right click on project name. Select New, and Python file. Type the name of the file Test1. The extension .py will be added automatically after you press Enter.

Right click project name

2.1.13 Type the following text into the console.

print("Hello World")

Type program Hello World

2.1.14 Run the Program Run command is in the dropdown menu beside the icon in the top toolbar. The icon has four short horizontal lines. Run and Run 'Test1'.

Console window for PyCharm

2.1.15 In the next screenshot you see the output Hello World. The output is printed in the lower left corner of the console.

Output Hello World

2.1.16 Next we will prepare for a plotting program. First we need to select matplotlib for the interpreter. The matplotlib library allow you to plot. Open Settings in the dropdown box below the gear icon. Select the Project in the left hand column. Select Python interpreter.

Settings - Python Interpreter

2.1.17 Click on the + symbol to add a package. On the Available Packages screen, type matplotlib in the search bar. Click on the refresh icon.

Interpeter window.

2.1.18 Install Package.

Install matplotlib

2.1.19 Close the Available Packages window. Click OK on the Settings window.

Click OK

2.1.20 Copy and paste the following plot code into the console. You can replace the code in . Run the code. The plot will appear. You have successfully installed PyCharm. We are ready to learn Python coding.

# import matplotlib to plot graphs
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
days = [1,3,5,6,8,]
temp = [37,34,37,35,34]
plt.plot(days, temp)

Plotting script

PyCharm Screen

2.2.0 The PyCharm screen is divided into three main parts. The left hand side is the Project Files management pane. The right hand side is the code pane, and at the bottom is the results pane. It is important to know where your cursor is because it determines the active pane. Be sure the code pane is active when running the code. Be sure the results pane is active when entering input values. We must activate the upper left pane with the cursor to use File->New->Python File.

PyCharm screen.


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